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How To Charge My Laptop without Charger

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When you are out for some event or business, it will always be a trouble when your laptop is out of power. But if we didn't bring our charger along with us? Then how to charge your laptop without a charger can be your biggest problem.

Save Your Laptop Rest Battery Firstly

If you are looking for a guide to charge your laptop when you do not bring the charger with you. It means you may be in an urgent situation for laptop battery charging.

You should now lower your laptop battery usage and set the laptop battery using the plan into saving mode.

Step1: Enter the settings and click in the system, select the power & sleep option

Step1 Enter the settings

Step 2: Click "additional power settings", and select the Power Saver plan.

Step 2 Click

And your laptop is now in battery saver mode, which means your battery can support the laptop for more time. But you still need to provide your laptop with electricity.

How can I charge a laptop without a charger?

Yes, you can charge your laptop without a charger. In the modern days, the USB-C PD charger spread so wide. Almost every device you see in daily life uses a type-c PD charger. This means if your laptop supports a type-c PD charger, you can use your cell phone charger for your laptop.

Have a check on the watts your type-c charger supports and match it with your laptop. if they share the same voltage and principles, you can charge your laptop with a cell phone charger.

Type-c was created for data transmission, but now it can be used for charging.

And in theory, your PD charger supports more types of voltages and your laptop charging voltage is among the range. You can use this to charge your laptop battery for urgent situations.

Tips you need to consider before charging your laptop without a charger

Charger & Laptop Compatibility

Check your cell phone charger, and see if it supports Power Delivery. Not all type-c chargers give your laptop the right charge speed and data transfer ability. Make sure you are using a USB PD charger, this will ensure high-power charging to your laptops.

You should know your charger's compatibility before charging. You can find the detailed information on your charger. Make sure your charger shares the same voltage and polarity with your laptop. Your charger/adapter's output current should equal or exceed the laptop's input current. And surely, the adapter connector goes well with the input current port.

Power Requirements

You will have to take the voltage and current input into consideration when you are using your cell phone charger for your laptop. It will damage your laptop if you use the wrong voltage or current input, you may cause issues like poor performance, a low charging rate, a low lifetime of your battery, or even burn your CPU if the current or voltage is too strong for it to stand.

Safety Points

Safe check on your devices

Before you are about to charge the laptop, check on your cell phone charger, the cable, and the laptop. The damaged charger or cables may cause some danger to you or even bring great disasters.

Keep an eye on it

When you charge your laptop with your PD charger, always have it monitored. Once there is anything unusual, just unplug it and turn off the chargeable plug as soon as possible.

Use high-quality charger and cable

Make sure you are using the chargers and cables that have passed the standard of your region. The well-known brand can be your first choice

Unplug Mention

When you are not using the charger, don't leave it there. Unplug it for your safety and stop the potential fire or electrical disaster from happening.

Other Methods to charge a laptop without a charger

HDMI Charging:

How to charge your laptop with HDMI cables, like this situation is rarely to be seen. But we still can charge your laptop with HDMI cables. You need to make sure your laptop has an HDMI-in port, or it means your laptop doesn't support HDMI charging. Then find yourself an HDMI to USB adapter, plug the HDMI end, and connect it with your laptop. So you may now charge your laptop, but it may go in a low charging rate.

Power Bank Charging:

You can also use a power bank to charge your laptop, but commonly the laptop needs 16V-20V output. Make sure your power bank provides an equal voltage to your laptop, this is listed in your manual guide or the adapter. And make sure your power bank is always full when you are about to go out. Don't forget to make sure your cable adapter can be plugged into the power bank and connected to your laptop.


Will it bring damage to my laptop using a cell phone charger?

If you use the wrong charger, it may cause potential damage to your laptop. Make sure the charger's voltage and current match your laptop. Or it will shorten your laptop's lifetime.

How to know if my phone charger is compatible with my laptop?

Check out the voltage and data details on your charger, and don't forget to find your laptop charging requirements on your laptop's bottom or the information printed on your laptop's battery or shell.

Does the USB-C PD charger suit laptop charging?

Not all PD chargers are suitable for laptop charging. You need to find out the standard of your charger and compare it with your laptop's. Also, you need to check if your charger can be plugged into your laptop.

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