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How to Wrap Laptop Charger & Adapter - Andar

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Have you ever been annoyed by a laptop charger & adapter that twisted its cable  in your laptop bag or under your desk? And when you are about to store it or you are going to take your laptop on vacation, you find the laptop charger in a mess.

Here we will provide several options to help you properly wrap your laptop charger. As you know, if you improperly wrap the laptop charger, it will lead to cable damage which will affect the efficiency in charging and even ruin your laptop charger and the battery. So it is so important to know how to properly wrap your laptop charger.

But first, let us have a brief introduction to the laptop charger.

What is a Laptop Charger & Adapter?

A laptop charger, which is called an adapter, is an electronic device that converts Alternating Current(AC) into Direct Current(DC) and the electricity can be charged into the laptop. Without it, the high electricity will ruin your laptop and even pose a threat to users' lives.

Commonly the laptop charger or adapter is equipped with the device itself, along with 2 cables. One cable is attached to the adapter and outlet on the wall, the other one is to link the adapter to the laptop. And you will have to package them properly before you plan to have work outside or some stuff that requires your laptop along with you.

And next, we will tell you how to roll and package them properly.

How to Wrap Laptop Charger & Adapter?

The cable not Attached to Laptop Charger

You may have heard about "Rodie Wrap", it is a trick in cable wrapping which can help you successfully wrap the cables easily. Have a check on the video and you will know how to do it.  Click Here

By using the "Rodie Wrap" trick, you can protect your charger cable and extend it using lifetime. This method is famous in the audio, video, and media cable industries.

It asks you only to involve coiling your charger cables, and alternating the direction of the loop with each coil. And after you finish the coiling, you can use the tie to prevent the cables from unraveling. The "Rodie Wrap" doesn't create any harsh bends to your adapter cable, so your cable will not be broken or torn. Also, the method can easily uncoiled without creating any twists or knots in your cables if you have a long charging cable.

You can use the simple coil method and don't alternate the direction of the loop. It can also protect your cable, it goes faster and easier operated. But you might need to handle the knots and twists.

The cable attached to Laptop Charger

If your laptop adapter has attached a cable that can not be removed, you can also use the "Rodie Wrap". You can start it at the end of the charger, with the adapter in your hand, and hold the cable like this:

And then you can coil the cable like before. When you finish it, you can use a Velcro tie on the charger to keep the cable with the adapter. You can also use a long tie to attach the cable and charger so that it can be placed better.

But if you still want to use a quick method to coil the laptop charger, make sure the connection part between the cable and charger is straight without bending it. You can do this by saving a little period of cable before you coil the laptop charger.

Points You Need to Know

When you want to properly package the laptop charger, there are some points you will have to be cautious about.

  1. Please do not twist or bend the cable next to the charger or adapter. This part is particularly weak, and it can't bear too much stress. If the connection parts are damaged, your charger will commonly get hotter when you are charging. And the resistance caused by damage will burn the cable out. So you have better leave some centimeters before coiling. Make sure the connection is secure.

  2. Do not fold or bend the laptop charger which has a cable of less than 15 cm, the first coiling or folding is so much more important. You need to leave enough length before you package it. If you coil or fold it too close to the charger, it can be easily broken by your force, so watch out for it.

You learned about how to wrap your laptop charger from above, but you also need to know how to take care of your laptop adapter in daily use. We will help you learn how to protect your laptop charger when you use it.

How to Care for Your Laptop Charger

Do not Wrap Your Laptop Charger Too Tight

We know it looks great when you coil the cable and make it organized, but it actually will shorten the use time of your laptop charger. Because it will stress the metal conductor inside and may break it. To prevent it, you will have to roll it smoothly in order not to repeatedly give stress to the cable.

Avoid the Cable from Sharp Items

It is dangerous when the wire is exposed outside, your laptop charger may lose its rubber protection if it contact with a sharp object too many times. So no matter when you place your laptop charger in an area, you will have to make sure it will not get worn out by any sharp items. It is not only for the laptop adapter but also the security for you and the public.

Keep Your Cable Away from Water

You do not want to mix your electronic devices with water, do you? It is common sense that this will lead to electrocution, damaging your laptop and even you. So please don't use your laptop in places like the kitchen, bathroom, and somewhere close to water.

If unfortunately, your laptop is in contact with water. You should immediately leave the laptop and remove the connection with the outlet on the wall. Do not use the laptop until you make sure it is dry and clear.


After learning from this guide, you now know how to wrap your laptop charger, and it is also important to choose the right laptop/desktop charger. Andar provides the best custom services to the audience, if you want to have the best experience in laptop charger use, do not hesitate to contact us!

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