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120W A+C PD Charger




  • GB4943, UL62368

  • 20000 Hours

  • iPad, iPhone, smart phones, laptops, MacBook, etc.

  • Black/White


Product Description

Applied Fast Charge Protocols

  • USB TypeC PD2.0/PD3.0 

  • QC3.0/QC2.0(Quick Charge) 

  • FCP(Hisilicon® Fast Charge Protocol) 

  • AFC(Samsung® Adaptive Fast Charge) 

  • Apple 2.4A BC1.2

Warranty:1 year

Protection:Overcurrent protection, short circuit protection

Packaging:PE bag and carton


Frequently Asked Questions About 120w PD Charger

How fast can a 120W charger charge?

The 120W fast charging mobile phone can be fully charged in 15 minutes at the fastest, which is twice as fast as the 65W speed.

Can a 120W charger be used with any phone?

The 120W charger covers almost all fast charging protocols, and can basically match the charging of mobile phones on the market.

Will a high-power charger damage the battery?/What happens if I use a higher voltage charger?

It will not cause damage to the battery, because when the charger charges the mobile phone, they will carry out a series of communications and exchanges, and the voltage and current can be adjusted at any time.

Will a 120w charger cause the device to overheat?

Due to the relatively high power of the 120W charger, the device must be heated during charging. Be careful not to cover the terminal device during the charging time, and keep it in a ventilated state.

Will a 120W PD Charger damage my devices if they don't support Power Delivery?

It will not destroy the device. The chips of our chargers are all identified. If the terminal device does not have a fast charging protocol, it will charge the device with the lowest power.

Is 120W charging safe?

Yes, our chargers have passed multiple national safety certifications.

The Advantages of Using a 120W PD Charger

1. Fast charging

2. Compatible with multiple protocols, can match most electronic devices

Choosing The Right 120W PD Charger


The safety of power supply products is undoubtedly very important, because some tragedies caused by chargers have also been reported in the news. Every country will do mandatory certification for power supply products, so be sure to look for products with certification labels.


Many of the current PD chargers have only one interface. Although the charging speed has increased, the efficiency is still not as good as that of multi-interface PD chargers. It is recommended to start with a PD charger with more than two interfaces.

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